About Us

This blog was founded to inform people about the many huge potentials of Mikrotik routerOS by addressing the shortage of materials on routerOS. My objective is to make people, through my experience, see that most of the tasks they pay huge amounts of money on Cisco and Juniper gears can be handled by Mikrotik routers, at much lower cost.

With Mikrotik, you do not need to purchase a license or a third-party application to update your router software as done when using Cisoc. Configurations are easy and straight forward. A single device can be configured for firewall, wireless AP and lots more.

MikrotikHub was founded by Mike Ashioma, owner of, a seasoned network engineer with over ten years of industry-proven experience working with one of the best ISPs in West Africa.

So, join me as we embark on this mind-changing mission together.

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