Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How to configure a Mikrotik router as PPPOE server and client

PPPOE is short for Point to Point Protocol Over Ethernet. It is used mostly by ISPs to deploy services over ethernet to their clients. The Point to Point Protocol Over Ethernet allows for dynamic allocation of IPs to clients as well as extensive management of connected users. In this demonstration, I will share with us how to configure PPPOE server/client on a Mikrotik router.

The Mikrotik router to be configured as a pppoe server must have been configured with necessary details for internet access. See here for how to configure your Mikrotik router for internet access, if you do not know how to. After that, pppoe will be configured on a port that connects to the pppoe client. Below is how it is done on a Mikrotik router:
First, configure your pppoe IP pool. This is the pool of IPs that will be assigned to successfully authenticated clients.

Next, your create profile. Click on PPP>profile>add. Enter the IP you want assigned to the interface on the Mikrotik router connecting to a PPPOE client in the space for local address, then click on the arrow beside remote address and choose the pool you created earlier.

Next is to set the secret. Click on PPP>secret>add>enter username and password, and select PPPOE as the service. Only choose the default profile if you did not create a new profile. I edited the default profile, hence I chose it.
Next, click on PPP>PPPOE server>add>enter a name for the service>choose the interface>select the profile you created earlier. If you edited the default profile without changing the name, then use default profile.
We are done configuring the PPPOE server. Next, we configure the client. To configure a Mikrotik router as a PPPOE client is very easy. See below:
Click on interface>pppoe-client, under the general tab, select the interface connecting to the pppoe server, click on "dial out", enter the username and password that were set on the server, click on apply and ok.

If all is done correctly, you will be connected to the internet once a cable from the pppoe server is plugged into the correct port on the pppoe client router and you should see an output similar to the one below when you click on active connections on the pppoe server router.

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